The Junior Division of nhagc was founded in Sept 2012, on the choir's fifth anniversary.


They junior choir used to be for girls aged 7-12, and was initially run by Sarah Hooper. Sarah was a founding member of the nhagc, and after leaving she studied a degree course at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. Sarah taught the choir for two years, before her performing career took her away from us, and we have had two equally talented and experienced leaders at the helm of the choir since. (For more about our leaders, please see our Choir Directors page, and the Cake Tin leaders page.)

Their concerts so far have been extremely successful, and with the choir's limited membership, they all get their chance to shine. When the girls reach the age of 12, they have the option to move up to the main choir, though this is not automatic, and they may be asked to audition. 

Junior Choir is back after a year-long hiatus, and has been revamped! It is now the Cake Tin Singers, and is for boys as well as girls. We meet Mondays 4:30-5:30 at Hitchin Youth Trust.

Learning proper singing technique from a young age is an excellent way to improve your breath control, posture and confidence. We learn basic harmony as well, which will stand them in good stead if they want to study music as they grow up.

The choir is led by professionally trained singers, and they learn musical theatre and pop songs, nothing "boring"!


For more details, please email or call us using the information on the Join us  page, or visit the CTS facebook page.


The Cake Tin Singers

(formally nhagc juniors)

The Junior choir perform Little Mix's "Wings" at their summer concert 2013 at The Lytton Theatre, Stevenage.

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