Winners of the coveted Member of the Year Award!

Hollie Ward, 2007/8


Our first ever recipient! Hollie was a founding member, and is now a qualified teacher. She was recognised for her confidence, improvement and for always encouraging the other girls. To this day she is the tallest member we've ever had :)

Kayleigh Wyant, 2009/10


Kayleigh joined us in our second year, and left to study religion at university. She was given the award because she was always smiling when performing! She was so dedicated to us, she even performed in a concert on her birthday. 

Megan Bunting and Hannah Chilvers, 2011/12


They come as a pair so it was only fitting that they were our first joint recipients of the award! They joined us in 2009 when they were very tiny, and are now two of are oldest members. They received the award at our 5 year anniversary concert for their loyalty, improvement and for always supporting and helping Laura when she needed it.

Megan Winzer 2013/14


Megan recieved her MOTY award at the same time she received her 4 year loyalty medal! A perpetual Soprano 2, she used to dread singing solo but suddenly found her confidence, and now there's no stopping her!

She got the award for being a warm & positive presence in rehearsals, and for always promoting the choir on social media. 

Elly Lee 2015/16


Elly has been with us since 2012, and her first performance with us was our Choir of the Year audition so we really threw her in at the deep end! She received the award for her dedication, positive attitude and and lovely energy.

Emily Ashbrook 2008/9


Affectionately known as "Ashb", Emily was one of our founding members, and she received the award for her perky energy and willingness to always contribute a solo! She left us to go travelling in Thailand before embarking on her Psychology degree, but kindly donated her sister Alice to the choir so we wouldn't be Ashbrookless ;)

Emma Kinsey 2010/11


Emma was one of our founding members, and was one of the first batch of girls to receive a five year loyalty award! (The others were Emily Asbrook & Megan Close). She received her MOTY award for her commitment (she barely ever missed a rehearsal) and her lovely attitude. She attended Lincoln Uni, studying Performing Arts. 

Katie Thompson, 2012/13


Katie joined us at the beginning of 2012, and received the award for her quiet confidence and enthusiasm. She instantly threw herself into each song with guts, and has been a great asset to us ever since her first day! 


Melissa Drake 2014/15


Melissa is our resident scientist and Queen of the Altos! She is currently our longest standing member, having been with us since 2011. She's an excellent sight-reader, and picks up songs insanely quickly!

She received the award this year for her loyalty and positivity.

Chloe Markham 2016/17


Chloe had been with us for five years on receipt of her MOTY award, and always brings a super positive energy to the rehearsals. She helps promote the choir whenever she can, always willing to do a solo or change parts when we need her to, and always on hand with a fact of the week!

Ysobel Henriques 2017/18


Despite being with us for just two years, Ysobel is such a valuable member of choir; always very solid on her harmonies and always willing to sing whatever she's asked! Her confidence has grown massively and we're always impressed with her work ethic.

lily moty.jpg

Lily Coleman 2018/19


Lily joined us in 2017 and it felt immediately like she'd been there forever! A funny, friendly, enthusiastic member from the start; always performing with her whole heart and soul, and just a fantastic attitude.

Grace Andrews 2019/20


Grace joined us in 2018, and made such a positive difference to our Soprano section. Her confidence spread to everyone around her, and we've loved hearing her beautiful solos.